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Database Transactions With pytest

The pytest library for Python is a modern and capable testing framework for Python and we've come up with some good patterns to use with regards to database transactions.

3 min read

Mutate your Rack middleware's env!

Rack middleware is a powerful pattern to follow, however, there are some 'gotchas' that you need to keep in mind when developing new middleware. This post explains how you should be using Rack's env.

4 min read

The Toiling Programmer: Succeeding as a Developer

Ever get a feeling of dread while working on a long problem? That feeling is cancerous towards your work, your relationships at work and your well being. I've personally experienced it many times during my short career -- it's not a fun experience and that's why I would like to write about it. Work doesn't have be like that. You can stop the cycle and feel way better about yourself!

7 min read

Using Airbrake with Rake and not Rails

You can configure Airbrake to notify you of errors that happen in your rake tasks. However, there is a gotcha if you want to do this outside of Rails.

1 min read