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Are Your Cache-Control Directives Doing What They Are Supposed to Do?

Cache-Control directives are pretty straightforward to understand. They're easy to use as well if you assume that all the caches between your end user and application correctly implement the spec. Unfortunately, as with any spec, you can't make that assumption.

7 min read

Background Processing: Use Einhorn to Spawn and Manage Worker Processes

When building a custom background processing system, at one point, you need to worry about how you spin up and manage multiple worker processes. This is where most people reinvent the the wheel, and write custom code. Don't reinvent the wheel, and use Einhorn instead.

4 min read

3 Ways to Create Classes in Ruby

Out of the box, there are 3 ways to create classes in Ruby. Find out how to use all 3 options, and learn when to use one option over another.

3 min read

Simple Ways to Protect an API: HTTP Basic Authentication and HTTP Token Authentication

Having a limited number of consumers for an API lets you keep the authentication really simple for that API. Let's explore HTTP Basic Authentication and HTTP Token Authentication as the simple solutions in this scenario.

4 min read

How You Nest Modules Matters in Ruby

Ruby provides two different syntaxes to nest modules (and classes). Most Rubyists think that the syntaxes are interchangeable. But, the the code may behave differently depending on the choice of syntax.

2 min read

Benchmarking JSON Generation in Ruby

Find out how RABL, ActiveModel Serializers, and plain Ruby presenters perform relative to each other when they are used to generate JSON.

7 min read