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Introduction to Fisticuffs

In this post we explore Fisticuffs, a library for iOS to easily bind data to your UI.

5 min read

Sorting by Relative Popularity

In this post, we'll look at how players are recommended based not on their absolute popularity, but rather on their popularity relative to the popularity of their teammates.

12 min read

Jbuilder to AMS - A tested journey

Not everyone is creating a new Rails app from scratch. Most of us have existing ones which may use RABL, Jbuilder, or a number of other options to generate JSON responses. When we're refactoring large and important parts of our app, how can we test to ensure that refactoring doesn't change the app's behaviour? This article explores that by testing JSON endpoints as we change from Jbuilder to AMS.

12 min read

Go – from playing to production

Practical guide to getting starting with Go language; from playing to deploying your first project.

7 min read

Timezones in Python

Datetimes in Python can either be Naive or Aware. A naive datetime is a datetime that is unaware which timezone it is in. It could be in UTC, it could be in US/Eastern, but it doesn't know. All it knows is which date and time that it has.

2 min read

Respect HTTP Caching

API developers put a lot of time and effort to ensure that their API can scale. One effective way to mitigate load is to use HTTP caching. As developers we need to respect HTTP caching to not waste efforts.

8 min read

Faster RSpec Regression Testing

Explore two approaches for testing along with a suggested workflow. The goal is to improve the time spent during regression testing. The described technique can apply to other testing frameworks, assuming they have similar mechanisms to RSpec's `it` blocks.

8 min read

One Repo to Rule Them All

Should you build a Monolith, a series of Microservices, or is there a third way which combines some of the best things from both approaches?

5 min read

Database Transactions With pytest

The pytest library for Python is a modern and capable testing framework for Python and we've come up with some good patterns to use with regards to database transactions.

5 min read

Reducing WatchKit Traffic With View Models

To improve the speed and responsiveness of WatchKit apps it’s important to limit the amount of data sent from the phone to the watch. In this post I will outline how to achieve this through the use of View Models.

13 min read

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